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The most advanced & easy to follow
QQQ Trading System Available

What should you expect trading QQQ?

Trade QQQ -- Index shares for the NASDAQ 100 index (NASDAQ: QQQ)-- with a trading system that is up more than 23 percent from May 30, 2012!!!

QQQ Signals - Past 17 Months
Our Compound ReturnsBuy & Hold Returns
Last Update: 10/30/2013

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  • This spectacular gain was achieved using only signals for trend-trading or swing-trading (2-10 days).
  • All trades were made with the QQQ stock; no options were traded. We consider options to be a risky tool for conservative traders. And these results are without trading futures on NASDAQ 100 [http://www.nasdaq.com/markets/indices/nasdaq-100.aspx], or using a margin account!
  • With our stock trading system, you can profit whether the market is going up or down.
  • With our market timing, you will always know what to do: When to Buy and When to Sell!

Joining Hands

We have joined hands with Yasir [founder of http://elance360.com/]. His binary trading strategy is one of a kind. Incredible results can be achieved with some practice.
His strategy can be only used in 60 seconds binary trading so integrating it into our own system is a challenge but we will accomplish this task.

We will soon integrate Yasir's 60 seconds system into our own. The result will be spectacular, stay tune for more updates.

How our System Works:

This trading system was designed to satisfy demands of mid- and long-term QQQ  traders who want to conservatively trade indexes and index derivatives. Only 10-20 conservative trades per quarter are needed to follow this trading method, and no quantitative analysis need be done!

  • During the trading day our system automatically collects market data for a detailed analysis.
  • After analysis a buy/sell signal is published to the site as either "Long", "Short", or "Cash".
  • Our subscribers receive email alerts as soon as any change occur to our signal.
  • All you need to do is to log onto the site and register your email address for signal alerts.
If you had started with $100,000 17 months ago and made 23 percent, you would now have $123,000

A Few of our Recent Trades:

For most investors, the NASDAQ 100 index and QQQ are too risky to buy and hold because of their ups and downs. However, they are perfect for our timing system because they provide volatility, which our market trading system thrives on.


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QQQ Signals
Past 17 Months



Compound Compound

As of 10/30/2013